Awake Preview: Slack Water

It’s Thursday! That means it is time for an all new episode of Awake!

Clues from his other reality force Britten (Jason Isaacs) to take a closer look at the gang violence case he’s investigating with Bird (Steve Harris). Hannah (Laura Allen) deals with a tough situation involving Rex’s (Dylan Minnette) girlfriend, Emma (Daniela Bobadilla). Harper (Laura Innes) reneges on a promise. Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) plans a going-away party for Britten.

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Awake “Nightswimming” Recap

Over the past seven episodes, Awake has worked to offer new ways in which Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) and his two worlds can offer insight into one another that help to solve a case, offer new insight into Britten’s condition or provide clues as to the larger conspiracy that has been hinted at on more than one occasion. The beauty of the show, however, is when it utilizes the police elements to tell a better story about Britten and help move his story forward.

In ‘Nightswimming,’ Britten, naked at a college swimming pool and addressing two police officers from the high dive, begins the episode with a certain amount of whimsy. Awake isn’t necessarily a dreary show, but starting things off with the series’ main protagonist in the buff isn’t exactly textbook either.

After the rather curious opening, Britten and Freeman (Steve Harris) are working with Marcus Ananyez (Elijah Alexander), after he narrowly survived being killed by a car bomb planted at the behest of his (former) employer Maxim Basayev. After a little prodding by the two cops, Marcus is ready to enter the Witness Protection Program. Marcus’ wife Alina (Ayelet Zurer), is another matter, however. It turns out, Alina was unaware the seedier details of her husband’s employment, and after realizing that her life and his would soon come down to a single suitcase each, she flees. Naturally, Marcus refuses to cooperate unless his wife is safely brought into Witness Protection.


Mercifully, the episode doesn’t become about bringing Basayev to justice, but rather about bringing two people who have drifted apart back together. Of course, none of this would have any meaning if Britten and his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) weren’t in the process of moving to Oregon – a move which Britten still has some reservations over. Just as Marcus and Alina are about to be permanently displaced, so will Britten and Hannah; only their lives were interrupted under much different circumstances.

Awake - Nightswimming - Jason IsaacsAfter tracking Alina down, Britten offers her the chance to enter Witness Protection on her own, or with her husband. One way or another Alina will be altering her life irrevocably; it’s up to her whether or not the love she used to know with her husband is enough for them to start over. To a certain extent, the same has to be said for Britten and Hannah: the life as they once knew it has ended, so they can chose to begin anew, or let the past keep them at a tepid distance. Given that the writers of Awake, largely Kyle Killen, have worked to make Hannah so likable – and a refreshing antithesis to the typical Hollywood grieving mother – it’s easy to see why Britten’s psyche (if it is indeed just that) pushes him to make a gesture that reconstitutes the love between the two.

Notably, Britten manages to do this without the assistance of either one of his therapists, Dr. Lee (B.D. Wong) or Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones). The absence of his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) is also noticeable, but since this appeared to be just a standalone episode focused on Hannah, and the notion of people letting go those things from the past that prevent them from moving forward, there probably isn’t too much to read into with that.

Some of the other standout episodes like the pilot, ‘That’s Not My Penguin‘ and ‘Kate is Enough,’ all had elements that balanced the series’ larger mystery with grief and a twinge of optimism, which suggested Britten was headed down a new path that would lead him to some momentous discovery. ‘Nightswimming’ does this on a smaller scale; leading Britten toward something uncertain in Oregon – which is causing him to uproot more than his own life, but that of people who rely on him like Jake (Steve Lawrence) his C.I. But the episode also suggests that when it comes to Britten and Hannah, there is something from the past worth going back to, and the slightly sad trip down memory lane that eventually leads to a naked high dive plunge, is as good a place as any for this couple to start over. –

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Awake Preview: Ricky’s Tacos

Awake: Ricky’s Tacos

An unexpected tip leads Detective Britten (Jason Isaacs) to an empty warehouse that was tied to a case he was investigating prior to the accident. His curiosity causes concern for Captain Harper (Laura Innes.) Meanwhile, Hannah (Laura Allen) prepares for the move to Oregon. Bird (Steve Harris) and Britten investigate a mysterious suicide, while Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) and Britten work on a three-year-old homicide. Later, Dr. Lee (BD Wong) gives Britten the key to solving one of his cases while Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) helps him make a decision about the move.

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Awake Preview: Oregon

It’s about that time. An all new episode of NBC’s Awake airs tomorrow at 10PM. Check out the details for this week’s all new episode titled Oregon.

Up until now, Britten has been able to keep both Rex and Hannah alive in his dual realities. In this weeks episode, the balance is threatened when his therapists begin to poke holes in his realities. His job is further threatened when his co-workers take notice of his apparent sixth sense. Britten becomes a suspect in his own case when an FBI expert on the Gemini serial killer questions his unusual methods.

Awake stars Jason Isaacs, Dylan Minnette, Laura Allen, Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Harris, BD Wong and Cherry Jones.

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Why You Should Be Watching ‘Awake’

Why You Should Be Watching ‘Awake’ – A Great Show In A Cursed Timeslot


Awake is the most exciting new show of the season, but the question remains: can it lift the dark cloud hanging over NBC’s 10 PM Thursday time slot? The midseason replacement for The Firm, now burning off its remaining episodes in the desert of Saturday night at 9, and Prime Suspect (R.I.P. Maria Bello’s Hat) looks promising, and yet after only three episodes that garnered mediocre viewership, it still hovers somewhere in cancellation limbo.

The pilot, which was a really well-executed hour of television, did alright with just over 6 million viewers. But it was up against mostly reruns, which does not bode well. Does this mean Awake is destined to join the other critically adored but virtually unwatched shows like Arrested Development, or creator Kyle Killen’s previous project Lone Star? That one was famously cancelled after only two episodes, and yet anyone who’s seen it quite liked it.

Here’s why Awake is worth it. The multiple-reality concept drama from Howard Gordon (Homeland, 24) and Killen is the rare truly novel idea. The deal is that police detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs, Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy—OMG, I know) survives a horrific car crash. As a result he is forced to live in two parallel realities: one in which only his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen), survives, and one in which his son, Rex (Dylan Minnette) does. Britten accesses these realties alternately: he goes to sleep in one, he wakes up in the other. To keep track of which he’s in, Britten wears a different colored rubber band on his wrist: green in his son’s world, and red in his wife’s. Scenes in the respective realities are tinged with the representative colors. In both he sees a work-mandated shrink. In the red world, he sees Dr. Lee (BD Wong), an aggressive doctor determined to get Britten to admit that the other world is a fabrication of his own mind. In the green world, he sees the more amicable Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) who is fascinated by the phenomenon.

As if that’s not enough, Awake is also a police procedural. It’s caught some flak for that. Some say it cheapens the concept, that it’s an easy out, that it’s an unfortunate network note infecting an otherwise promising new show. It’s really not that big a deal. Britten would have needed a job. Maybe he could have been a doctor or a lawyer, but similar criticisms would have cropped up: “it’s a rote medical drama/legal procedural! Boring.” So, Britten’s a cop, he solves cases in both worlds and details from red cases pop up somewhere in the green cases. Just few episodes in, and Britten’s consciously taking advantage of this: he’ll go to sleep to access one reality in order to gather clues that might be relevant in the other.

This could prove to be the show’s hook. The first few episodes did an exceptional job of world building twice over, and now it’s time to see how Britten will stretch the limits of his capabilities within and between his two realities. Awake could be pretty good if it was just Britten waking up in a different world each day, but it will become awesome if Britten manipulates his position between them and has to deal with the benefits and the consequences.

Aside from the procedural element and an ill-advised conspiracy theory tacked on to the end of the second episode, Awake really is a well-crafted drama. The case could be made that it’s complicated, but that’s a refreshing quality for a network show: it respects the audience and expects it to pay attention. The “case of the week,” though criticized, gives each episode a close-ended quality, which in a world of weekend-long Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones marathons, is refreshing. Each episode of Awake contributes to the series’ mythology and a season-long arc, but with a case solved at the end of every one it makes for a satisfying stand-alone hour of TV.

Whether or not Awake can survive remains to be seen, but here’s hoping we get that chance.

Awake airs on NBC Thursdays at 10 PM.

by Lauren Herstik

Preview Tonight’s New Episode Of Awake

See this sneak peak at this week’s all new episode of Awake, “Kate is Enough.”


Awake – “Kate Is Enough” – While investigating an alleged suicide during an upscale yacht party with Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama), Detective Britten (Jason Isaacs) runs into Rex’s (Dylan Minnette) former babysitter Kate (guest star Brianna Brown). Later, in a case Britten is investigating with “Bird” (Steve Harris), Kate appears again, this time as a suspect. Dr. Lee (BD Wong) and Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) try to help him make sense of his run in with these two very different versions of the same woman. Laura Allen and Michaela McManus also star.

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Sneak Peak Awake Episode “Kate Is Enough”

As if reality could get more twisted on NBC’s Awake, the series throws a new curveball Det. Britten’s (Jason Isaacs) way on Thursday’s episode.

Up until now, most figures in his dreams led similar lives in both realities (just altered by either his son or his wife’s death). But on the next episode, “Kate is Enough.”

While investigating an alleged suicide during an upscale yacht party with Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama), Detective Britten (Jason Isaacs) runs into Rex’s (Dylan Minnette) former babysitter Kate (guest star Brianna Brown). Later, in a case Britten is investigating with “Bird” (Steve Harris), Kate appears again, this time as a suspect. Dr. Lee (BD Wong) and Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) try to help him make sense of his run in with these two very different versions of the same woman.

In The Hollywood Reporter’s first look clip below, therapists Dr. Lee (BD Wong) and Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) try to find some reason for the cop’s two different versions of Kate.

Awake airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.


The Hollywood Reporter


Watch The First 7 Minutes of Awake!

NBC has released the first seven minutes of the premiere episode of Dylan Minnette’s new show, ‘Awake.’

The episode opens with a car accident that fractures Michael Britten’s (Jason Isaacs) life into two competing realities: one in which his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survived while his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) is dead, and the other in which Hannah survived but Rex did not. Trying to keep both his loved ones alive, Michael starts living a “double life”, dealing with different personal conflicts.

Michael returns to police work and solves crimes in both worlds with the help of two different partners. He additionally meets two different therapists to consult about his conditions, admitting that he is not sure which one is a dream and which one is a reality.

“Awake” has Jason Isaacs starring as Detective Michael Britten. Laura Allen and Dylan Minnette portray his wife and son respectively, while Steve Harris and Wilmer Valderrama join the cast as his partners. The fantasy drama series will start airing Thursday, March 1 at 10/9c on NBC.

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‘Awake’ Premiere Date Announced!

NBC has announced the premiere date for Dylan Minnette’s new show, Awake.

Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, announced Friday that the drama starring Jason Isaacs will premiere on Thursday, March 1 at 10 p.m., taking over for struggling series The Firm.

“The Firm” will move to Saturdays at 10 p.m. beginning Feb. 11. Starting next week, repeat episodes of “Grimm” will air at 10 p.m. Thursdays before “Awake” launches.

Starring Jason Issacs, “Awake” will attempt to solve NBC’s season-long problems in that slot. The show has received strong initial critical buzz based upon the pilot that NBC released to the press last summer.

Isaacs plays a detective who finds himself living in a dual reality. After a car accident, he wakes up in two separate universes, one where only his wife (Laura Allen, “Terriers”) has survived, the other where only his son (Dylan Minnette, “Saving Grace”) is the survivor. Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Harris, Michaela McManus, Cherry Jones and B.D. Wong also star in the 20th Century Fox TV production.

Make sure you tune in on March 1st at 10 p.m. for the premiere! Are you excited to see the show?