Sneak Peak – Awake Episode 3

Michael Britten’s two “worlds” collide in a harrowing way this week on ’s  (Thursdays, 10/9c), when a self-proclaimed “innocent” man he helped put behind bars escapes from a prison escort and proceeds to kidnap the LAPD detective’s son Rex — and TVLine has a first look clip from the nail-biting hour.

Rex’s tennis coach, Tara (Michaela McManus), was targeted by the fugitive in a carjacking as she drove Rex home one afternoon. Rex is kidnapped and a new lead reveals that his abductor may be closer than Britten thinks. An investigation in Michael’s other reality gets in the way of an event honoring his deceased son; clues from both realities lead to Michael’s sanity being questioned.



This is going to be epic, I can't wait to watch it!


This is going o be epic, I can't wait to watch it! Rex lives!

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